Community Services provides support and training individuals to acquire their own home or apartment.  Some choose to live independently while others may choose to have a roommate.  Supports are provided by a Supported Living Coach.  The coach will assist individuals in developing a budget and in locating, evaluating, and securing an apartment or house of their choice, within the budget.

Once a home is secured and the resident is moved in, the coach will continue to visit with the individual, helping him/her take care of their home, make new friends, pay bills, and make sure the experience of being more independent is safe and enjoyable.

The coach is available on a daily basis, if needed, and networks with other service providers, such as companion and homemaker services, to ensure the individual’s needs are met. In addition, a coach is available 24 hours a day, should emergencies arise.

Eligibility requirements:  Refer to Enrollment and Eligibility

Personal Care services assist individuals with meal preparation, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and activities of daily living when these activities are essential to the health and welfare of the individual. The service is provided in the individual’s own home or family home or while the individual is engaged in a community activity. If provided in the family home, the service is provided to assist the parent or primary caregiver of children, and the parent or caregiver must be present for the provision of service.

Eligibility requirements:  Refer to Enrollment and Eligibility.