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Welcome to Ridge Area Arc



Ridge Area Arc's Mission Statement

"We serve and advocate for individuals with developmental and other disabilities, so they may have the opportunity to choose and realize their goals. 





Where Hope Grows, Coming to a Theater Near You on May 15th!

A story of redemption through hope and love, Where Hope Grows tells the story of Calvin, a former
professional baseball player who has failed in the majors and lives in a perpetual quicksand of selfpity.
This all begins to change when he meets and befriends a grocery store clerk with Down
syndrome, known as “Produce”. “Produce” inspires all those around him with a gentle spirit of
perseverance, and the movie gives us a wonderful opportunity to share and celebrate the
contributions that our family members, friends, co-workers, and others with I/DD bring to their

The Arc is a promotional partner of the film, and we hope that you will watch it and engage your
peers in a discussion of what inclusion of people with I/DD really means by using The Arc’s
discussion guide. To find out where to see the movie or how to bring it to a theater near you,
please visit the Theaters page of the movie’s site.




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